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Lindsay Lee
Product Manager at Strava
I am so grateful to have been able to work very closely with Jessica during our time at Strava. She served as the design lead while I was the PM lead on a vertical team. Jessica is such a critical thought partner, collaborator, and leader. Her superpowers are endless but chief among them is her ability to understand "The Problem" -- Jessica does a superb job of taking insights and feedback then taking a step back to assess the core problem in user terms. More than that, she does a great job of then reflecting and communicating that back out to stakeholders. This has been exhibited through her use of data, research, and UX patterns and makes her a strategic triple threat. Jessica delivers on the day-to-day execution reliably and consistently but more than that she ensures we don't lose sight of the bigger picture. She's always thinking a few steps ahead to the north star vision. Any team would be lucky to have her and I'm a better Product Manager for having been able to work alongside her.
Arlo Jamrog
Staff Product Designer at Strava
Jessica joined Strava and rapidly showed her strengths of getting to the core of a problem and defining solutions that solve it in simple, direct ways. She is multifaceted in an ability to take on UX research, prototyping and final specs, making her a versatile addition to any team. On top of this, she has a strong bias to action, advocates for team needs and speaks up to address uncomfortable situations when others might not feel comfortable doing so.
Sarah Filling
Associate Project Manager at Healthgrades
Jessica is a talented designer who also has a wonderful collaborative attitude. She took our goals for certain design elements and features and consistently delivered options that exceeded our expectations. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for new ideas and a great team player!
Sean Brasher
Senior Director, Web Technologies at Healthgrades
Easy to work with and knows her stuff. I brought in Jessica as a freelancer on a web product launch. We had some existing designs but needed a ton of changes and improvements prior to launch. Jessica was able to hit the ground running with the team, adapting to our work processes, communication style, and tools with ease. She brought a practiced eye to our design issues and produced solid work from the start. In particular her web page design work was a perfect realization of what we wanted from the very first attempt, which is amazingly rare in a business that usually requires a half-dozen iterations to make everyone happy. Jessica was easy to work with and I would definitely recommend her and hire her again.
Wessley Musso
VP of Marketing at mTAB
"Jessica is by far the best designer I have ever worked with. She is helping us build out our next generation product offering and has provided us with beautiful designs and a clean, intuitive UI. She has worked incredibly efficiently and hit every deadline we've established. Jessica really has gone above and beyond for us, and I cannot recommend her highly enough."
Alex Gelman
"Working with Jess is an absolutely pleasure. She's a talented and incredibly efficient designer. I'd work with her again with no hesitation​​​​​​​."
Emily McAteer
Co-founder/CEO at Odyssey
"Jessica is just above and beyond. She has an uncanny ability to take complex, tricky, and only partially-scoped UX challenges and produce a perfect, intuitive, sleek UX/UI design. She is also incredibly efficient -- she always delivers designs in half the time we would expect for any feature. As a semi-remote contractor, she maintains the right balance of communication and independent work -- and she's very reachable. She truly has raw talent, and I cannot recommend her more highly."
Alexander Bamberger
Product Manager at Odyssey
"Jessica is an innovative, organized and creative UI/UX designer. She has an unparalleled ability to understand disaggregated requirements resulting from a brainstorm and deliver an intuitive design. Her experience working closely with software developers allows her to deliver wireframes that match the direction of the product’s maturity - balancing complexity of build and market need of a feature. She’s a pleasure to work with and I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for a designer."
Lauren Smith
Product Manager at Welltok
"Jessica joined our team during a time where our project was just notes on paper and quickly dove in to make the vision a reality. Through her use of design technology and skills, Jessica put together a walk through of the product and it's capabilities that was so spot on with the vision that the product team was able to not only use her designs to share the vision with clients and executives but also use them to work downstream with the teams building and executing the final product. Through tight timelines, multiple iterations and many varying opinions, Jessica was able to share her expertise and bring forth great designs that took what could have been a very complex interface and disjointed interface and created one with prescriptive, intuitive workflows and a delightful look and feel. An invaluable asset and member of our team and a true rockstar personally and professionally, Jessica is not only a delight to work with but a true leader in her field."
Samir Shah
VP Product at Yard Club (Acquired by Caterpillar)
"Jessica is an amazing designer and a perfect collaboration partner for product leaders. She is fast, thoughtful and thorough and has the ability to empathize with the end user and come up with great UI/UX solutions. Another strength of Jessica is the fact that she is also very strong at communicating with developers and working with them to make sure that any required assets are delivered well ahead of when they are needed."
Aaron Kline
General Manager at Caterpillar Digital Labs
"Jess is by far one of the most talented designers I've ever worked with. Not only does she dive headlong into her work to produce high quality designs, she's also ridiculously organized and always ahead of schedule. Jess has a gift for developing alternative solutions to any design challenge or feature set and helping her customers / coworkers understand the pros and cons of each alternative to make the selection collaborative. She also has an incredibly clean and modern aesthetic that makes her products not just functional and intuitive, but beautiful and engaging too. Plus, she's just fun to have around. Can't recommend her highly enough!"
Marshall Smith
Managing Developer at Radial Development Group
"As a developer I have worked with many designers and Jessica is one of the the best. She does a great job of understanding the client's needs and translating that into development ready wireframes and comps. On projects she has been involved with she has saved us a lot of development time and headache. The result is a great user experience with a clean, professional look."
John Mullenholz
Founder of Aware and Secure
"Jess has helped me get my company off the ground by handling every single aspect of our startup's design, from our logo to the website to our products themselves. Jess is a true professional: In addition to always delivering premium quality work, she is a great listener, an excellent communicator, and she always seems to find a way to over-deliver on her projects. It was one of the few stress-free elements of launching my company to know that every time Jess went to work, she would deliver excellent results. I highly recommend Jess. She is a designer of the highest order."
Corinne Oertel
Marketing Manager at Cardinal Peak
"We hired Jessica for a complete website redesign project. Her precise level of communication is very much appreciated. The entire design process was very transparent as she set realistic expectations along the way. Because of this, the quality of her designs were spot on. We met a few times, she asked a lot of great questions and quickly delivered designs that were so much better than I imagined. After implementing Jessica’s website designs, we quadrupled the leads coming into our website and have consistently held these results throughout the year. We are so happy with her work and look forward to all future projects with Jessica."
Product Designer / Founder / Maker
I’m currently freelancing full-time and am available for work! Originally from Vancouver, BC Canada, I now live in Erie, Colorado with @jakedahn and @goldenqueso.
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