Odyssey Platform

Role: Freelance Product Designer

Description: Odyssey is a platform for mini solar grid developers, investors and vendors to connect. I was hired to help them with the UX and Visual design of the platform from the ground up. I worked with the Product Managers to define features, produce high fidelity comps, then follow through with the engineering team to implement. We’ve successfully launched a fully functional MVP product and are now gathering feedback from customers to make feature updates and improvements.

We have a large amount of data that needs to be entered and displayed in our product.

Developer tools help solar mini-grid developers design and plan their projects. Everything from site details, load, generation and financial information is included.

The left navigation takes you through the lifecycle of the project. It can be expanded or collapsed to optimize screen space.

To help project developers visualize projects, graphical representation of the data is displayed.

Data Entry

To save time with data entry we added functionality for copying data from previous projects, saving to libraries and uploading spreadsheets.

Other excel-like UI was used to keep the interface familiar and efficient for power users.

Investors need a place to easily view all information around projects.

Once projects are created and finalized, developers can submit project groups to a finance marketplace for investors to see. Investors are presented with a beautiful, digestible project to analyze.

Data needs to be released slowly as investors move through due diligence with the project developer.

Investors can browse various developers projects to learn more about them. Once they decide they are interested in the deal, investors can request more information through the Odyssey Platform. Tooltips and greyed out links are used to help the user see that there is added functionality and data available as they move through the process.

Project developers need
to present accurate pricing.

Developers also have the opportunity to shop a Vendor Marketplace where they can get quotes on specific parts. All communication conveniently stays within the Odyssey Platform.

We need our marketing to reflect the value Odyssey offers.

As part of the MVP launch I did a full
re-design of the Marketing site highlighting
the product.

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Emily McAteer
Co-founder/CEO at Odyssey
"Jessica is just above and beyond. She has an uncanny ability to take complex, tricky, and only partially-scoped UX challenges and produce a perfect, intuitive, sleek UX/UI design. She is also incredibly efficient -- she always delivers designs in half the time we would expect for any feature. As a semi-remote contractor, she maintains the right balance of communication and independent work -- and she's very reachable. She truly has raw talent, and I cannot recommend her more highly."
Alexander Bamberger
Product Manager at Odyssey
"Jessica is an innovative, organized and creative UI/UX designer. She has an unparalleled ability to understand disaggregated requirements resulting from a brainstorm and deliver an intuitive design. Her experience working closely with software developers allows her to deliver wireframes that match the direction of the product’s maturity - balancing complexity of build and market need of a feature. She’s a pleasure to work with and I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for a designer."
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