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Role: Freelance Product Designer

Description: mTAB Dashboards are configurable, multi-source dashboards that combine analyses and KIPs all in one web application. Historically, mTAB has built custom dashboards for each client. In their efforts to productize their offering, mTAB brought me on to do a full redesign of their dashboard product.

The main challenge of this project was bringing together all functionality that lives in current dashboards and combine them into one user-friendly dashboard system. Today, mTAB data analysts can now use the dashboard builder to build highly customizable dashboards all using the same design system. This allows them to produce high quality results for their clients in a fraction of the time.

Every dashboard must be highly customizable to fit a variety of client needs.

I designed modular system where components can be mix and matched without breaking the user experience. To start, I created multiple quick wireframes outlining all the different ways components can work together. This included exploring horizontal and vertical layouts.

Exploration of a modular,
componentized system.

Those wireframes quickly turned into experimentation around how each component would work together. These are some early, low fidelity mockups that show some of the concepts. After feedback on the modular concept from the product and engineering teams I dove into refining each component according to specific functionality requirements.

Testing new features.

When adding new features I often come up with multiple solutions that achieve the same goal. Then, I present these to product and engineering for discussion. This is an example of multiple solutions to an ‘apply all’ feature.

All of our customers want custom dashboards with varying functionality and branding.

Each dashboard can be customized to fit customer needs. Combining the modular system and spot color branding made this possible.

We need the ability search across the entire platform.

Search lives at the top of the navigation panel. Fuzzy find search was also implemented for ease of use.

How do we allow customers to toggle between dashboards without leaving the platform?

Some clients will have multiple dashboards displaying varying groups of data. The index panel allows users to quickly access different dashboards. There are multiple levels of nesting for different dashboard and chart types.

Customers need to be able to apply and combine filters effortlessly.

Selectors and filters are the bread and butter of the mTAB app. This functionality is typically only used a few times for set up. For that reason, we added the ability to save selections and filters to be applied at different times. Users can access and toggle on/off various selections on different charts throughout the app.

Customers need to be able to easily create custom powerpoint presentations.

The storyboard functionality can be used at any time while you are analyzing the data. Once you have a data set with the correct filters and selections you can quickly add it to your story. These stories can then be exported to native powerpoint.

Can we update the visuals of our Dashboard Builder app?

Sometimes client requests are as simple as that. In addition to working on the main product, I was asked to update the visuals of the internal tool used to build the dashboards.

We need a guide to help
inform decisions when
building dashboards.

I created a formal design system to
aid in the development and future upgrades of the platform. Themeing was a large challenge to tackle for this project. Users can set the primary, secondary and tertiary colors to be applied throughout the product. Different rules will be used depending on if they have a high contrast or low contrast theme.

Wessley Musso
VP of Marketing at mTAB
"Jessica is by far the best designer I have ever worked with. She is helping us build out our next generation product offering and has provided us with beautiful designs and a clean, intuitive UI. She has worked incredibly efficiently and hit every deadline we've established. Jessica really has gone above and beyond for us, and I cannot recommend her highly enough."
Alex Gelman
"Working with Jess is an absolutely pleasure. She's a talented and incredibly efficient designer. I'd work with her again with no hesitation​​​​​​​."
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